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As a cloud native consulting company, we focus on our clients’ needs, and on helping them find the most efficient way to operate their cloud. This typically includes high-level customization and integration of tailor-made functions, precise documentation, systems operations support, and regular staff training.

At Origoss Solutions, we consider ourselves real cloud native system experts. We don’t limit our expertise and knowledge to a single vendor. Our core business is in helping you get onboard and operate your cloud-based solution like an expert. For us, that is what cloud native consultancy means.


DevOps and Cloud Native

Our consulting service offers long-term collaboration with our clients; we work as an extension of their DevOps team and help them to develop an effective cloud native strategy.

We engage in the client’s cloud native activities through a series of regular discussions. We offer up-to-date solutions using best practices for implementing functions and processes, and we also set up proofs of concept to prove the feasibility of our recommendations.

Through our systems integration service, we also undertake the project-level implementation of the solutions defined during our consulting service and tested at the proof of concept level.

We provide consulting services on a time and materials (T&M) basis, because this kind of collaboration is done using agile methods.


DevOps and Cloud Native
Systems Integration

We provide our systems integration service regardless of project size. Our activities cover both smaller customization tasks and complex platform implementation projects.

A typical example of a smaller task is when you want to change the operation of a component within a complex vendor solution, or you want to replace it with a more general, lock-in-free component. Our clients often contact us at the end of a project to fix non-functioning features. The solution could be a high-level customization, integration of tailor-made functions, or precise documentation.

A typical example of a complex task is a large platform deployment project. In this case, in addition to creating a new platform and integrating it into the existing enterprise operating environment, we also migrate the applications to this new platform. We understand the most common enterprise platforms and managed cloud services, which is why we can perform this activity regardless of the vendor.

We have outstanding experience in the field of operations support systems. Many of our clients set up their platform's performance monitoring, alarm management, log management, and backup with us.

We can provide systems integration services on a project basis or a T&M basis, depending on the size of the project and the degree of agility that can be applied during the work.


DevOps and Cloud Native
Systems Support

Availability is the cornerstone of our L3 support service. Our trained experts respond to and resolve issues within a reasonable time in accordance with the contracted SLA. According to the needs of our clients, we provide the following availability services:

5x8Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm CETyesmonthly fee
7x24continuousyesmonthly fee

Multiple communication channels are available for our clients to reach us, like Slack, email, or mobile phone.

For our West Coast clients, we can provide efficient support during the night hours, which are regular daytime hours for us and can be covered by a 5x8 availability service.

The support service builds on the availability service. We perform the following types of support work:

TypePrioritySettlementHourly rate

The support service fee is added to the availability service fee. Based on the reports, the support activities are invoiced on a monthly basis.


DevOps and Cloud Native

It is always worth paying attention to competence development before starting projects. We provide different levels of courses for our clients.

Docker Basic1 daybeginner
Docker Advanced2 daysintermediate
Kubernetes3 daysintermediate
Helm1 dayintermediate
Kubernetes Security2 daysadvanced
Kubernetes Networking2 daysadvanced
Cloud Native Storage Admin2 daysadvanced
Kubernetes Troubleshooting2 daysadvanced
Istio2 daysintermediate
Azure DevOps3 daysintermediate
AWS EKS2 daysintermediate
Python Development5 daysbeginner
Go Development6 daysintermediate

Each course includes hands-on labs. Completing these courses can be a serious step in preparing for the CKA, CKAD, and CKS exams.

Within DevOps operations, our key area of expertise is performance monitoring. Based on our experience in recent years, we have developed our own curriculum for teaching the Prometheus system.

Prometheus for Developers2 daysintermediate
Prometheus for Operators2 daysintermediate

During the pandemic, we are holding our courses online. As soon as it is safe to travel and meet in person, we will undertake on-site training again.


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