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Are digital transformation and digital strategy hot topics for you? Build on our expertise and experience with the best practice solutions available. We can answer all your questions, from strategic issues to container platform implementation, systems integration, technical support, and competency development.



Are you developing a digital product or service? Focus on fast and efficient functional development and market acquisition, and leave the rest to us. We help you to avoid time-consuming architectural dead ends during development so that you can focus on building a market-ready solution that is reliable and easy to operate.



Are you providing integration services for complex IT projects to well-established clients? Implementing these projects requires several different types of expertise. Obviously, we can perform tasks within our competence efficiently. For the best overall performance, subcontract us for cloud native professional services.

For enterprises


The success of an enterprise is determined by the quality of its business software, which depends on how effective their development process and operation is. In addition to reducing the time taken to implement new features, scalability, security, and resilience of applications must also be ensured. For this reason, digital transformation, modernization of business applications, and the introduction of modern business applications come into focus.

For a digital transformation, a cloud platform is needed. But the important part is not which vendor’s platform or ... service is chosen. Instead, the focus must be on well-designed processes, properly selected functional components, and automation. We have significant experience and expertise in this field, so we can assist our customers a lot in developing a cloud native strategy.

As cloud technology expertise and acceptance of the DevOps approach gets stronger within an enterprise, trust in the benefits of this approach and commitment to its application will also increase. Based on this knowledge, businesses can start to develop a cloud native strategy and a digital transformation strategy, and can determine the specific implementation steps required.

The goal is a containerized platform that the client will be able to operate; we optionally provide support for this. Software developer suppliers will have to adapt to this new platform. This significantly reduces both the enterprise's exposure and operating costs.

Last but not least, we make sure that our clients' developers and operators have access to the expertise and experience of our recognized specialists in the field, which ensures a continuous knowledge transfer.


For startups

Scaling Up
Your Business

For many startup companies, the core product is a digital service. They can be successful only if their product is also successful, meaning that their clients are willing to pay money to use it, and that the company can serve this demand properly.

During the first years, the focus is on feature development. This is typically a greenfield activity, and it is almost certain that it will follow the DevOps methodology, where software modules are built on a microservices architecture and ... the applications get deployed as containers.

After the product is launched on the market, the focus moves to customer acquisition. However, successful market operations have technical conditions too. On the one hand, they need to ensure that they can serve more and more clients. On the other hand, the reliability of the service must be guaranteed. This requires a horizontally scalable, resilient, and efficiently operable platform. Functional development stays in focus, because short ideas-to-market cycles are critical to competition. This requires well-designed and automated development and deployment processes.

This is where Origoss Solutions comes in. As an extension of the company's DevOps team, we help to improve development and operational processes. Thanks to our expertise and experience, we can help you to avoid dead ends and to use best-practice solutions. We ensure that staff can continue to focus on feature development and market acquisition.

We offer continuous collaboration as a service. We participate in recurring architectural meetings, validate ideas with fast proof-of-concept projects, and take part in platform development if needed. We also provide support and customized training. This kind of cooperation results in a reliable and efficient platform that can be scaled out as market presence grows. This can ensure the success of the digital product and the company.


For integrators


Our strategy is to keep our focus as specialised as possible, although within this narrow area we dive into technologies as deeply as possible. A typical IT systems integrator company does just the opposite. These companies have a loyal client base and undertake any complex IT project for them if required. However, there might be several areas where they do not have the appropriate competence, and therefore they have to involve a professional subcontractor.

The cloud native ecosystem is a typical area where most large IT systems integrator companies lack ... the resources to implement projects completely in-house. This situation arises because of the novelty of the topic, the relatively large number of systems, and the extremely rapid development of the ecosystem. However, clients are increasingly expecting this kind of expertise.

Our professional focus is on the cloud native ecosystem. This includes Kubernetes itself, the ecosystem around it, and the most popular enterprise Kubernetes distributions and managed Kubernetes services. Origoss Solutions provides consulting, systems integration, systems support, and training services in this area. We seek partnerships with large IT systems integrator companies, through which we can perform tasks that fit our expertise as subcontractors.



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